After twenty-two years of serving pizza to the Wellington community, Pizza Palace is giving back to those in need, by giving away free pizza. 

Colleen Babitz and her crew at Pizza Palace in Wellington are using this time to give back, finding ways to help the community that has done so much to support them over the past twenty-two years. 

They came up with ‘Meal Bags,’ a free and complete meal in a bag, for people who have lost their jobs. Meal bags are placed on the picnic table out front, with a ‘Meal Day Give Away’ sign, and Colleen lets customers know via Facebook when the bags will be ready. Pizza Palace gives ten of these bags away weekly. Others have generously joined the cause, donating food items for the bags.

Efforts have not stopped there. Pizza Palace is also giving away five free large cheese pizzas through their Facebook page. Winners are chosen at random from customers who comment on the posts. Community members have donated to these efforts, bringing that total to thirty-five pizzas given away on April 27. 

Other discounts are offered throughout the week for first responders, medical staff, and those out of work. ‘Toilet Paper Tuesday’ was started as a light-hearted joke. A free roll of toilet paper with every pizza purchase made on Tuesday, one roll per household.  

“Wellington has gone above and beyond expectations. It is mind-blowing how supportive the town has been towards us,” Colleen Babitz shares with tears of gratitude. Anyone interested in donating to these efforts is welcome to reach out. 

Colleen and her husband John Babitz, purchased Pizza Palace in 1998, from Colleen’s family. Colleen, who grew up in Wellington, saw her building at 3810 Cleveland Ave as it was built in 1983. A shamrock she painted on the side as a kid remains visible today. Pizza Palace serves pizza, ice-cream, subs, calzones, strombolis, pasta, salad, and sides. It has Wellington’s longest-standing delivery service. 

The Babitzs have done much to support area youth and those in need over the years. Collecting and donating school supplies. Coats, hats, and gloves donated to shelters. Sponsoring local events and doing fundraisers for a variety of efforts. In 2019, a successful fundraiser for The Mox Project raised over $5000 for three clinics held at area schools this past fall.

Colleen feels fortunate in being able to remain open during this time. She is happy to help her community and grateful for the support she has received over the past twenty-two years. She admits she could not do it without her team of amazing employees. 

Pizza Palace offers delivery to those inside Wellington city limits, as well as curbside pick-up. You can place your orders online or over the phone at 970-568-3011. Check out Pizza Palace at or follow them on Facebook to hear more about giveaways and the great things they are doing for the Wellington community. 

Written by Annie Lindgren, for North Forty News