Annie Lindgren | North Forty News

Dr. Stephanie Speetzen and Dr. Anna Murdoch saw a need for a convenient integrated medical center in the Wellington community. So, in early September, they opened doors to Align Medical Center.

Both Anna and Stephanie have experienced moments in their personal lives and careers where money and the steady pace of getting patients in and out the door have negatively impacted the quality of care and not solved the patient’s problems. As a result, they both felt that more time spent treating the patient’s actual needs would result in less medical care needed for that patient.

Western medicine is a lot of prescribing medication but not talking about the underlying issues causing the problems in the first place or the impact the drugs or ailments can have on other aspects of health. While this may not be the case for all providers or all types of Western medicine, it happens often. Additionally, money is a heavy motivator. Sometimes interventions are suggested because of the ability to charge more, like added tests, assessing for things that may not need assessment, or the need to do procedures under anesthesia. Other times it may be all about speed and the volume of patients that can be seen in a day, at the sacrifice of quality care.

“I got tired of being measured by how much money I made and not how healthy my patients were,” shares Stephanie. Seeing 35 to 40 patients a day is a norm for many places, and that is not enough time with a patient to provide quality care.

Anna decided to go into chiropractic care because, as a kid, she had warts on her legs caused by a virus. Doctors told her it would be a lifelong thing for her until one doctor suggested trying chiropractic care. She did, and within two months, she stopped developing warts. She had a neurological irritation that calmed down through the chiropractic work, and her body has since been able to keep the virus at bay.

Stephanie shares fatigue with a healthcare system in which people think western medicine is the gold standard. “There are valuable things in western medicine, but it is designed to treat illness rather than solve it. If you look at the statistics, the United States spends more money on healthcare, and yet we are not the best at health”.

When patients come into the clinic, they see Stephanie first. She does the initial assessment and coordinates the care among her team of specialists, who often join the appointment. She helps patients appraise their health, life, and family life and then guides them in the right direction towards better overall health. She is direct and holds patients accountable for their choices.

Dr. Anna helps with chiropractic needs and will join an exam with Stephanie if related to the needs assessed. They can do onsite X-Rays and bloodwork and go over imaging and results with patients to develop a game plan.

Those in need of physical therapy will see Dr. Ellison Melrose. She specializes in physical therapy and pelvic-related needs. This includes pelvic health for men and women, like erectile dysfunction, pre and post-natal care, bowel symptoms, and menopausal care. Dr. Ellison is not problem-focused; instead, she says, “this is our driver, but we are going to figure out how to build stamina and strength that is compatible to your activity level.” She is different than other PTs in that she will look at you, head to toe, regardless of the problem.

Using evidence-based interventions with an alternative medicine twist, they are a medical and chiropractic clinic treating disease and pain causative factors to allow the body to heal. Medical services include primary care for the whole family, including physicals and immunizations. In addition, they do hormone replacement therapy, platelet-rich plasma injections, joint and trigger point injections, and dry needling, to name a few. 

“We help patients heal and become stronger so that they have the stamina and resilience to handle anything life throws their way,” shares Stephanie Speetzen.

Are you tired of not being listened to by your medical provider? Ready for lasting solutions rather than quick fixes? Prepared to make those behavior changes you know you need to make? Align Medical Center has answers and a team of professionals to cheer you on to the finish line.

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call 307-222-2337 or drop in for a consultation at 6557 Buttercup Drive, Unit 6, in Wellington. You may also visit them online at

Article originally published in North Forty News, October 2021