Annie Lindgren | North Forty News

March has always been my favorite month. The reasons behind that have changed over the years, but the significance remains the same. It is the time of year when life feels exciting again. 

It starts with daylight savings, which is March 13 this year. While the evenings have been staying lighter later slowly since the winter solstice, during daylight savings we get a whole extra hour of sunlight in the evenings. Excited to resume evening walks. 

There were many years of my life where Spring Break and Saint Patrick’s Day were a big deal. A whole week’s break from school was a good time for adventuring. And, any excuse to spend all day drinking and listening to Irish music while wearing green was a good time waiting to happen.

Spring, at last, March 20, is a day to celebrate. Made it through another winter, and while Colorado’s winter doesn’t really end until closer to June, there is at least hope for warmer weather and the landscape turning colorful again. 

There are other fun things about March, like my birthday. And, it’s Women’s History Month. These are annual opportunities to reflect on where life is at, how far things have come, and cheers to another year of growth and opportunity. 

Admittedly, this year I folded. February 11, I took off with my dog, truck, and camper to finish out winter in desert country, exploring parts of Nevada, California, and Arizona that I had yet to visit. Was over the cold dark months of Colorado and in dire need of a change of scenery. I enjoyed a month’s worth of nights with nature, explored desert trails, and worked remotely. I returned from the trip on March 13, just in time for warmer weather and daylight savings springing ahead. Next year I may just spend all winter in the desert.

Back in Northern Colorado, this adventure junky is looking forward to the year ahead as the warmer months creep back in. Lots of mountains to climb, starry nights to sleep out under, and adventures planned. Cheers to Spring! 

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 Sunset over Mojave desert camp spot in California, February 2022. The author’s Scamp and loyal travel companion Maverick.

Originally published in North Forty News, March 10, 2022